Cuba in Vietnam

Sessioned 38 Intergovernmental Commission between Cuba and Vietnam

The 38 Session of the Intergovernmental Commission for economic and scientific-technical collaboration between Cuba and Vietnam concluded today with the signing of several agreements in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, biotechnology and science, as well as for the development of the Bilateral Economic Agenda to 2020 -2025.

We are Cuba Viva, the country that resists and triumphs

(Transcript: Presidency of the Republic/Translation: GI)

Dear Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and compañeros of the Historic Generation;

Compañero Esteban Lazo, President of the National Assembly of People’s Power and of the Council of State;



Cuba is honored to have compañero Gerardo Hernández Nordelo as a member of our Council of State, today, six years since his return to the homeland. (Applause)