Cuba in United Kingdom

Cuba’s Ambassador: 6 Decade-Long US Embargo is a Genocidal Policy! (Cuba Protests)

We speak to the Cuban Ambassador to the UK Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez. She discusses the anti-government protests in Cuba and the biased Western media coverage, the role of US companies in fomenting the unrest with hashtags such as SOSCuba, the effects of the US embargo on the Cuban economy which she calls a genocidal policy, the Cuban medical industry and its production of homemade vaccines, the US’ listing of Cuba as a state sponsor of terror, Cuba’s warmth to the prospect of Lula Da Silva returning to power in Brazil amid what some call the Second Pink Tide and much more!



Unite condemns United States interference in the internal affairs of Cuba

London, 21 July  2021 

Unite, the UK’s leading union, which has long supported progressive causes in Latin America, has declared its belief that recent disturbances in Cuba have at their root cause the inhumane blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and which adversely effects many countries that wish to trade with Cuba.
Unite fully acknowledges the essential grievances of Cuban workers and their families due to shortages of food, power and medicines that became more acute during the Trump presidency and have not been alleviated under President Biden.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement on the current situation in Cuba

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls on the US government to suspend the blockade of Cuba to allow emergency medical and humanitarian aid into the country in order to ease the economic and health crisis the island is experiencing.

The current emergency is a result of the ongoing US blockade, an additional 243 sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations takes part in a virtual meeting of the Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom

London, June 30, 2021- The Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, Ana Silvia González Abascal, participated today in a virtual meeting organized by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) in the United Kingdom to exchange information on the result of the June 23 vote on the Cuban resolution Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.