Statement by Ms. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, Cuban Ambassador to the UN, at the event organized by the Solidarity Movement with Cuba in Commemoration of National Rebellion Day.

Dear friends, sisters and brothers of the solidarity movement,

José Martí, Apostle of the independence of our country and intellectual author of the Moncada attack, said and I quote: “To honor, brings honor.” Following this Marti’s maxim, today we pay tribute to the Generation who did not let the Apostle die in the Year of his Centenary and turned his thought into action.

Many events have been milestones in the struggles for independence of the Cuban people, but the actions of July 26, 1953, were the necessary small engine that ignited the big engine of the Cuban Revolution.

You know this story well, and know that heroic action could not culminate in a military victory nor did it mean the immediate triumph of the Revolution. But those brave young men led by Fidel made come true Marti’s thought that “a true revolutionary does not seek the path where advantage lies, but rather the path where duty lies”. With them began the liberation deed that ended with the victory in January 1959; they taught us to turn the setbacks into victories and they multiplied in the millions of Cubans who today continue to walk the irreversible path of the Revolution.

In his speech at the commemoration of the fifteenth anniversary of the attack to the “Moncada” Barracks on July 26, 1968, at the Revolution Square of Santa Clara, Fidel asked a question to those present: “Does our country look the same way it did 15 years ago?” In a convincing and firm way, the people answered: NO!

Today, on behalf of the almost 12 million Cubans we represent and in front of you, our sisters and brothers of the solidarity movement, we reaffirm that phrase: NO!; we will not return to the past, we will never be again the people who suffered torture, inequality, social exclusion, exploitation, poverty, illiteracy, marginalization and oppression.

Many have been the achievements in these years of Revolution in all orders, despite the challenges we are still facing, aggravated by the constant siege of the American imperialism. Cuban people have shown that they are capable of resisting; they have shown that their patriotism and their unwavering support for the Revolution, Fidel, Raúl and the Party continue to be firm.

That is why we are not surprised by the announcements made by the current president of the United States on June 16, who evidently has not been well informed about the history of Cuba and the relations with the United States, nor about the patriotism and dignity of the Cubans.

It is regrettable that the new administration of the United States has decided to return to the old policy of hostility towards Cuba and to tighten the blockade, raising alleged concern about the exercise and enjoyment of human rights and democracy by the Cuban people.

We reiterate the denunciation of the measures to intensify the blockade and reaffirm that any strategy that seeks to destroy the Revolution, whether through coercion and pressure or through subtle methods, will fail, as they have failed during the last 55 years.

We reject the attempt to manipulate the human rights issue against Cuba, which has much to be proud of for its achievements, and does not have to receive any lessons from the United States or anyone else.

As we have said many times, Cuba is willing to continue negotiating pending bilateral issues with the United States on the basis of equality and respect for the sovereignty and independence of our country.

We will never resign ourselves to giving up the construction of our Socialism. That is what we want to express when we say: Patria o Muerte (Homeland or Death), that we are ready to do anything for our Homeland, the Revolution and the achievements of Socialism.

We are not going to take a step away from the path we have chosen in a sovereign way, in which power emanates from the people.

As our Commander-in-Chief Fidel said on July 26, 1959, and I quote: “We have come to power not against the people, but with the people. We have come to power not to sacrifice the people, but to redeem the people. Those who want to know what a true democracy is, should come to Cuba; Those who want to know what a ruling people are like, should come to Cuba; Those who want to know about a country where the people are everything, where the word “people” has its real meaning, not theoretical, should come to Cuba; Those who hypocritically refer to the word “democracy”, slander us, they should come to Cuba so they know what a democracy is.”

Dear sisters and brothers,

Before the indelible remembrance of the martyrs of the “Moncada”, we ratify our most firm conviction of being faithful to the ideas of Fidel; to continue building a prosperous and sustainable Socialism; to remain deeply internationalist; and in that endeavor we are sure that we will continue to count on your permanent support.

Your example is an inspiration for our people. You have been with us in the most complex and difficult situations. Several generations of Cubans have witnessed the permanent support our people have received from you, of your courage, your solidarity, tested a thousand times.

We have, as you do, a great faith that the noblest principles should prevail and sooner or later they will prevail, because as our Apostle said, “one just principle from the depths of a cave is more powerful than an army.”

We share with you the conviction that this hard battle, waged with the weapons of principles, faith, morals and ethics, will be won. You and we will continue the example of Fidel and the “Moncada” combatants, who never lost faith in victory.

Eternal glory to “Moncada” martyrs!

Long live Fidel!

Long live Raúl!                                           

Long live the Solidarity Movement with the Cuban Revolution!

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Patria o Muerte, !Venceremos! (The Homeland or Death, We shall overcome!)