73 UNGA:Intervention of the Cuban delegation in the Interactive Dialogue with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. New York, 15 October 2018.

Mr. President,

We thank Ms. Bachelet for her oral presentation and congratulate her on her appointment as High Commissioner. We further reiterate our support for the efforts to advance the cause of human rights on the basis of objectivity, non-selectivity and impartiality. She takes on this task facing great challenges, including the growing politicization in addressing the issue of human rights, particularly against countries of the South.  

A vivid example is the event against Cuba that the United States Government intends to hold tomorrow, 16 October in the ECOSOC Chamber, a Major Organ of this Organization. 

Cuba denounces the perverse intention to hold this event using the name and premises of the United Nations to attack one of its Member States. Holding the event would constitute a clear violation of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and International Law, and of the rules of this Organization for the conduct of meetings.

Both the event convened and the campaign they are seeking to start constitute an affront to the sovereignty of the Cuban people and a disrespect for its self-determination. They will be faced with our strongest rejection and condemnation.

It is not the United States that will give human rights lessons to Cuba. They have no moral authority to do so, and much less under the new Administration, with an agenda that promotes supremacist, racist and xenophobic ideas. 

We hope that the United Nations, in particular its Secretariat, will not allow such aggression against one of its Member States through the manipulation of human rights.

Thank you very much