72 UNGA: Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, at the Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement. New York, 20 September 2017.

Dear President, Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza,

Dear Ministers, Heads of Delegations,


I wish to commend the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for leading the work of the Non-Aligned Movement at this crucial time for the planet.

We meet in a particularly complex international context. Multilateralism and international cooperation, with strict adherence to International Law, are essential to overcome challenges such as climate change, which threatens the existence of the human species; international terrorism, underdevelopment and the violations of the sovereignty of States.

These are moments in which aggressive behavior and unilateralism, especially of the government of the United States of America, pose inevitable dangers and dilemmas.

After having listened to the address by President Donald Trump yesterday and his manipulation of the concepts of sovereignty, security and prosperity, I reiterate the priority that Cuba and the Non-Aligned Movement attach to the principles of sovereign equality of States, territorial integrity and non-interference in their internal affairs.

US imperialism intensifies its aggressive actions to threaten the right to self-determination, peace and development of member States of our Movement.

International peace and security are constantly infringed or threatened by powerful interests of domination and conquest. The threat of a nuclear war is even more direct. The destabilization and "regime change" policies against legitimately constituted governments in countries of the South have become frequent.

The consequences of applying concepts which are not universally recognized such as "limited sovereignty", "humanitarian intervention", "preventive war" and "responsibility to protect" are used to conceal interventionist and aggressive actions, which calls us to uphold International Law and the full validity of the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

It is not possible to remain neutral in light of the threat or use of force against Non-Aligned Countries.

I reiterate our strong condemnation of the unacceptable and unjustified unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States Government on the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; of policies that encourage coup violence; of the arbitrary and uncommon declaration of that country as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security of the United States and of the actions seeking to overthrow the constitutional government and the destruction of the Bolivarian and pro-Chavez Revolution led by President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

For the Non-Aligned Movement, the threat of military intervention or destruction against any of its Member States is unacceptable, even when there are issues in which it would be necessary to recognize the existence of diverse opinions or even differences among us.

The essence of Non-Alignment implies the unequivocal, stark and direct rejection of the threat and use of force against any of the Member States of our Movement.

I call for the solidarity of the Non-Aligned Movement with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and for the rejection of the threat of the United States against it.

Cuba stands against all unilateral coercive measures against any country, which are inconsistent with International Law, harm peoples and contravene the foundations of the multilateral system.

The human and economic damages caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba are extraordinary and increasing.

The blockade intensifies and so does its extraterritorial application.

There has been a setback in bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba, as you may have noticed in President Trump's unacceptable and aggressive speech yesterday.

I reiterate that the willingness to engage in a dialogue with the United States remains unchanged on the part of the Cuban government, but we will not make any concessions in terms of sovereignty and internal affairs.

I am deeply grateful for the support of the Non-Aligned Movement to Cuba for many decades in the struggle against the blockade and reiterate that, on November 1st, the draft resolution entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba" will be presented once again to the General Assembly.

Dear President, esteemed ministers and representatives of the Non-Aligned Movement,

We consider that the Movement is facing a crucial time in which it is impossible to remain silent, and acting together in close unity, regardless of any differences, is inevitable in order to preserve International Law, true sovereignty, justice, security and prosperity of the countries of the South.

Thank you very much.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations.