71 UNGA: Cuba at exchange of views on the main prohibitions: effective legal measures, provisions and regulations of the instrument, UN Conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading to their total elimination.

Madam Chair,

Since I am taking the floor for the first time, I would like to congratulate you on your election and wish you success in this Conference.

Cuba considers that an instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons should include, inter alia, the following provisions:

• To categorically prohibit the possession, production, development, testing, acquisition, stockpiling, transfer, deployment, stationing, use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.

• To prohibit any activity related to military or other preparations for the use of nuclear weapons.

• To prohibit research, design and manufacture for the development and modernization of nuclear weapons.

• Prohibit nuclear tests, including subcritical tests or the use of sophisticated computerized methods.

• To prohibit the encouragement or inducement of any nuclear-weapon-related activity, specifically including its funding.

• To prohibit the transit of nuclear weapons through the airspace and territorial waters of States Parties of the instrument, as well as the presence in their ports and aerodromes of foreign ships and aircraft, carrying nuclear weapons.

The instrument should also include specific provisions for the nuclear-weapon States that join it, which in addition to the previously mentioned, could be the following:

• To destroy within a defined period the nuclear stockpile owned or possessed by them or which is located in a place subject to their jurisdiction or control.

• To destroy nuclear weapons that have been abandoned in the territory of another State.

• To destroy or restructure for the destruction of nuclear weapons, the manufacturing and testing facilities of these weapons.

• To destroy or restructure nuclear weapons delivery systems to make them incapable of nuclear uses.

• To prohibit the production of fissile material for the manufacture of nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices, and eliminate stocks.

• To provide universal, unconditional and legally binding security assurances that they will not use nuclear weapons, as long as they possess them, against the States Parties to the instrument.

• To eliminate the role of nuclear weapons from their military and security doctrines.

• To withdraw all reservations and interpretative declarations to the Protocols to the Treaties establishing nuclear-weapon-free zones.

• To contribute to the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.

In our opinion, the instrument should have a set of rights and obligations for States Parties and of verification measures to ensure compliance with and implementation of its provisions.

The future instrument should provide for and respect the inalienable right to research, develop and use nuclear energy forpeaceful purposes and establish provisions on international cooperation and assistance, including assistance to victims.

Likewise, it should establish a mechanism to implement the provisions of the instrument, including those relating to verification and enforcement; as well as to provide a forum for consultation and cooperationamong its member States.

Thank you very much