Cuba in UN

Communiqué of the Coordinating Bureau of the NAM condemning the terrorist attack against the Embassy of Cuba to France

The Coordinating Bureau of the Non- Aligned Movement strongly condemns the terrorist attack with Molotov cocktails perpetrated against the Embassy of Cuba to France on July 26, and notes with concern that this is the result of the recent hatred and violence campaign unleashed in social media against Cuba, instigated by groups and organizations based in the territory of the United States, which operates with the full knowledge and tolerance of US authorities.  

Our truth about false allegations attempting to discredit the Cuban government


New York, 23 July 2021. As part of the political-communications operation that has been unleashed in recent days against Cuba, orchestrated and financed by the government of the United States, false allegations have been deliberately spread about alleged human rights violations by law enforcement institutions in response to the violent incidents and acts of vandalism on July 11 in various parts of the country.

Cuba denounced at ECOSOC recent actions by the US that incite activities contrary to Cuban laws


New York, 22 July 2021. Today the Cuban delegation denounced the political and communications operation orchestrated and financed by the government of the United States, unleashed last 11 July, aimed at promoting and inciting violence, vandalism, and criminal activities in Cuba, with the purpose of generating chaos, social unrest, and internal disorder.

The United States is pressuring governments to support its policy against Cuba.


New York, 21 July 2021. When barely a month ago the international community pronounced itself by a large majority against the U.S. blockade policy towards Cuba, the government of that country is now engaged in a frantic and obscene campaign to force other nations, particularly in Latin America, to issue declarations against Cuba.