Cuba in Sri Lanka

Tribute to Fidel in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, December 2 d 2018. - The Association of Graduates in Cuba of Sri Lanka paid tribute to the Commander in Chief, on the occasion of the second anniversary of his demise.

Ambassador of Cuba offers interview to TV Channel "Eye" of Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, December 2, 2018. - The Ambassador of Cuba, Juana Elena Ramos Rodríguez, offered an interview for the well-known program "Diplomatic Faces" of the "Eye" Channel of the Rupavahini Corporation of Sri Lanka.

During the interview conducted by the presenter Chanakya Jayadewa, the Ambassador referred to the historic ties of friendship and cooperation between both countries, and reiterated Cuba's willingness to extend and narrow these in various fields.

Published in Sri Lanka new book about Fidel

SRI LANKA, November 23, 2018. - The Sri Lankan writer Kumaradasa Balasuriya hands over Cuban Ambassador, Juana Elena Ramos Rodríguez, a copy of his recently published book, "Biography of Fidel Castro."

The lifting of blockade is demanded in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, November 1, 2018.- A few hours before the debate began in the General Assembly of the United Nations on resolution presented by our country, entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba", members of the Front Line Socialist Party, accompanied by other members of the solidarity movement with Cuba, delivered a letter to the United States Embassy in Colombo, demanding the government of that country to lift totally, unilaterally and unconditionally the unjust blockade that affects a


The Embassy of Cuba informs that, from November 1, 2018, consular services will be subject to new fees in Sri Lankan rupees.

The applicant must deposit the amount to be paid for the consular service requested in any of the Bank of Ceylon offices to Account No. 0075072609 "Embassy of Cuba".

The receipt issued by the Bank of Ceylon will be delivered by the applicant in the Embassy of Cuba, and it must contain the following information: