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Remarks by Mrs. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, in the commemorative ceremony of the 64th anniversary of the assaults to the “Moncada” and “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” Garrisons.

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in the struggle,

We are deeply honored with your presence at this tribute to the 64th anniversary of the assaults to the “Moncada” and the “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” Garrisons, in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo.

We are here today to pay tribute to those who gave their lives during this heroic deed, to those that could see the fruit of the sacrifice of that day and also to the combatants who still continue to guide us by their example.

71 UNGA: Statement by the Representative of Cuba, Ambassador Rodolfo Benítez Versón on the adoption of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

Madam President:

The adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons represents a historic milestone. More than a result of the Conference that we are successfully concluding today, this instrument is the result of a process of multilateral discussions over 70 years, which began with the adoption by the UN General Assembly of its first resolution, on January 24, 1946, which called for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

71 UNGA: Cuba at General Debate of the Eight Working Session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Aging.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation attaches great importance to the discussion of the issue of population aging in the United Nations, and to the role played by this Working Group since its inception.

Cuba will be one of the two countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with the largest aging population in the near future; for this reason, our country has given priority to elderly care and carries out a multidisciplinary and intersectoral work to guarantee the quality of life of this sector of the population.

Remarks by Ambassador Mrs. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, at the closing session of the National Solidarity Conference for the Full Normalization of Cuba – United States Relations.

Dear friends,

We are touched to see, once again, that we have so many good friends here. The work you have done over these years has been particularly important and helpful. You know very well what these expressions of solidarity mean for a country like Cuba, a small, blocked and rebel Island, that continues and will continue to withstand.

The strong support we have always received from the worthy sons of this country, who are increasingly demanding the unconditional lifting of the blockade and the normal relations between the two nations, have been fundamental.

Remarks by the Counselor of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the UN, at the homage to the Leader Malcolm X, in the 52nd anniversary of his assassination

Dear friends from Harlem,

I would like to convey to you the greeting and warm hug from our Ambassador Anayansi Rodríguez,who could not join us here as she is fulfilling an important mission at this moment.

Remarks by H.E. Mrs. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, opening the reception hosted by the Cuban Mission to the UN to commemorate the Africa Day.

Dear African Ambassadors; dear permanent representatives from the Caribbean missions; distinguished guests; brothers and sisters,

It is a matter of great pride for Cuba to celebrate with our African brothers and sisters the Africa Day and commemorate the fifty fourth Anniversary of the constitution, on May 25, 1963, of the Organization for African Unity, now the African Union.


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