Cuba in Nigeria

Cuban Ambassador in Abuja grants interview to the AIT television.

Interview with the Cuban ambassador in Nigeria

NIGERIA, October 14, 2019. The AIT television network, which is reaching the African continent, broadcast an exclusive interview with the Cuban ambassador, Carlos Trejo Sosa.

During the meeting, the Cuban ambassador explained about the components of the Cuban National Health System, a strategy based on the conception of health as a human right, applied with equity and solidarity, principles that have allowed the Caribbean Island to show one of the best indexes of world health despite the US blockade.

The U.S. government allocates millions of dollars to obstruct Cuban medical cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces and strongly condemns the United States government’s recent aggression against Cuba through a USAID program to finance projects and seek information to discredit and sabotage Cuba's international health care cooperation in dozens of countries, benefitting millions of people. This plan joins the disgraceful pressure exerted on several governments to hamper Cuban cooperation, and previous attempts with the same purpose such as the special “parole” program meant to rob human resources trained in Cuba.

Activity of solidarity with Cuba at the University of Abuja

NIGERIA, August 29, 2019. An act of solidarity with Cuba was held, within the framework of the activities scheduled for the celebration in Nigeria of the VI Continental Meeting of Solidarity with our country and reminder of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations.

It took place in the Theater of the Faculty of Management Sciences and more than 200 people attended, including students, teachers and other guests.