Cuba in New Zealand

Minister of health of New Zealand receives Ambassador of Cuba

Ministro Salud Pública NZ

Wellington, March 3, 2016. The Minister of Health of New Zealand, Jonathan Coleman, received a courtesy call from the Ambassador of Cuba, HE Mario Alzugaray. In the meeting, held at the government headquarters in the Beehive, both parties exchanged on the health systems of their countries and the challenges faced in order to provide better service to its citizens.

Leader of the House welcomes Cuba's Ambassador to New Zealand

Hon Gerry Brownlee

Leader of the House, and minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Defense and the Earthquake Commission in New Zealand, Hon Gerry Brownlee, received a courtesy call by Ambassador of Cuba, Mario Alzugaray. During the exchange, the Cabinet Minister offer introductory information on the work of research, education and preparation against earthquakes, as well as his role in Parliament.

New Zealand Minister for Primary Industries confirms the will to support joint projects in agricultural sector

Ministro agricultura NZ

In a meeting held at the Beehive with the Ambassador of Cuba, Mario Alzugaray, Primary Industry Minister Nathan Guy, expressed his positive assessment with regard to the support of joint efforts in the agricultural branch. The kiwi leader expressed satisfaction with the interest of Cuba in learning about New Zealand experiences in this sector, specifically regarding sheep and dairy cattle.

On his side, the Cuban diplomat briefed Minister Nathan Guy on the process of updating the Cuban and the interest in exchanges on the respective development paths.

President of Kiribati expressed appreciation to the Cuban medical cooperation

Presidente Kiribati

Wellington, February 15, 2016. In a brief meeting with the Ambassador of Cuba, Mario Alzugaray, Kiribati President Anote Tong, praised the cooperation that Cuba develops with the Pacific Islands, in particular the scholarships for medical studies provided to young i-Kiribati in universities across the Caribbean island, as well as the work of Cuban doctors in this nation and its impact on the improvement of its health indicators.