Cuba in New Zealand

Young New Zealanders commemorate Fidel's 95th Anniversary.

Wellington, August 11. Young New Zealanders affiliated with the Aotearoa Communist Party met at the Embassy with First Secretary Dalila Vázquez and the Ambassador.

After an interesting exchange on the situation and plans of each of the parties, those present saw the documentary "Fidel is Fidel" and exchanged experiences and personal anecdotes in relation to the Commander in Chief and Cuba.

Public Meeting of solidarity with Cuba in Auckland.

Auckland, July 29. Organized by the Society of Friendship with Cuba, a public event was held at the headquarters of the FIRST Union, in the city of Auckland.

Conceived as a demonstration of solidarity with Cuba and a celebration of July 26, the event highlighted that "It is time to end the United States' economic war against Cuba!"

Commemoration of Cuba´s National Rebellion Day.

Wellington, July 24. To commemorate our National Rebellion Day, we inaugurated a photo exhibition about Cuba at the Havana Bar and Restaurant in this city.

To enjoy the exhibition, which will be on display until the end of August, the Latin American Ambassadors, friends of Cuba, and the general public attended.

With Cuban music, a special menu resulting from the collaboration of Consul Dalila Vázquez with chef Hoon, and mojitos, it was a night to get closer to Cuba and remember that July 26 that led us to the victory on January 1.

Solidarity with Cuba grows despite disinformation campaigns.

Havana, July 22. "Dear President Joe Biden: It is time to take a new path in relations between the United States and Cuba. We, the undersigned, make this urgent public appeal to you to reject the cruel policies implemented by the Trump White House that have created so much suffering among the Cuban people ". Thus begins a letter signed by more than 400 personalities who advocate a civilized relationship and respect between the two countries. Under the title "Let Cuba Live", the appeal was published in a full page of The New York Times newspaper.

Ambassador speaks on business opportunities in Cuba.

Wellington, July 19. Ambassador Edgardo Valdés gave a presentation on Business Opportunities and Investments in Cuba, at an event at the Business School of the University of Victoria.

Sponsored by the Latin American chapter of the Asia Pacific Center for Excellence (LatamCAPE), the meeting was attended by a large group of young people, members of the Young Enterprise Trust.

The Ambassador highlighted the limited knowledge about opportunities in Cuba and Latin America in general and detailed the many advantages that the island offers.