The "Bridges of Love" caravan is joined by Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago just three days after the vote in #NationsUnidas to demand the lifting of #Bloqueo.

Port of Spain, June 20th, 2021. On this day the "Bridges of Love" caravan in Trinidad and Tobago acquired a particular connotation. A representation of Cubans, through the virtual modality, have expressed their rejection of the inhuman and genocidal blockade that causes so much damage to our Homeland. Everyone knows that the moment demands firmness and strength, because in just three days the world will raise its voice again in the #UnitedNations, demanding the lifting of the #economic, commercial and financial blockade, unjustly imposed by the #US government.

The farce of the debate on Cuba in the European Parliament.

Brussels, 7 June 2021. The European Parliament has scheduled for Tuesday 8 June an artificial debate on what it is pleased to call “the political and human rights situation in Cuba” If this body indeed decides to discuss Cuba, the debate should clearly center on the massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of the entire Cuban population resulting from the genocidal, immoral and illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by Washington against our country for over 60 years.