A third group of Cuban citizens stranded in Trinidad and Tobago returns to Cuba.

Port of Spain, June 25, 2021. As part of the Revolutionary Government's commitment to its nationals to guarantee protection and facilities for their return to the national territory, a third group of 20 Cuban citizens stranded in Trinidad and Tobago traveled to the Homeland today. Previously, they had arrived on the island in two other groups with 36 nationals, for which there are already 56 compatriots evacuated to Cuba during the health emergency imposed by COVID19. This new operation is the result of coordination between the Cuban and Trinidadian authorities.

Donations from Cuban residents and solidarity movement in Trinidad and Tobago arrive to Cuba.

Port of Spain, June 25th, 2021. Cubans residing in Trinidad and Tobago and the solidarity association “Friends of Cuba” join forces to make a donation to Cuba of expendable material for the Cuban public health sector, in particular syringes and needles . In a beautiful gesture of love for the country, Cubans residing in Trinidad and Tobago have joined the international campaign to donate syringes to Cuba, a country that is carrying out a massive process of immunization of its entire population as a result of the development achieved by its industry biopharmaceutical.

A new group of nurses arrives in Trinidad and Tobago to join the Medical Brigade that works in that sister Caribbean island.

Port of Spain, June 25, 2021. This afternoon a group of 30 Cuban collaborators arrived in Trinidad and Tobago, who will join the current Medical Brigade that has been providing its services in this country since 2003. They were received at the Piarco International Airport by the Ambassador of Cuba, Tania Diego Olite, and the Director of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago, Anita Sohan.

#TheWorldSaysNo for the twenty-ninth time of the Blockade against #Cuba.

Port of Spain, June 23, 2021. The collective of the #Cuba Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago also raised its voice along with other voices from the world, demanding the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba. With pride and care we follow step by step the arguments put forward by our foreign minister in the text of the presentation of the new Cuban resolution against the blockade. It was an exciting moment, the new victory of our country reflected in the results of the vote that took place at the United Nations. Along with Cuba, #TheWorldSaysNo.