Solidarity party at the Cuban Embassy.

Wellington, December 3. Friends of Cuba in Wellington attended a party at the Embassy to celebrate the return to normality after a year of great difficulties, in which there was no lack of support for the Revolution.

The Ambassador thanked those present, and through them all the friends who in New Zealand support our cause.

Representatives from unions, the Communist Party, cultural projects, and academic institutions shared ideas and a pleasant evening with lots of music and dancing.


Tribute to Fidel in New Zealand.

Wellington, November 27. To pay tribute to Fidel on the 5th Anniversary of his death, we invited the youngest generation of friends from Cuba to climb Mount Kau Kau in this city.

After the effort made, the children and adolescents who accompanied us better understood the magnitude of the feat carried out by the Rebel Army.

We talked to them about the Granma expedition, Alegría de Pío, the struggle in the Sierra, and the victory of January 1.

It was a very pleasant and enriching experience for all of us, at a time when Fidel's ideas continue to guide us.


Cuban Ambassador meets Mayor of New Plymouth.

New Plymouth, November 22. During a visit to the city, the Cuban Ambassador met with Neil Holdon, Mayor of New Plymouth, whom he updated on the situation in Cuba and other topics of interest.

The two exchanged ideas to promote cultural exchange, and the Ambassador was invited to the next Womad festival, one of the main cultural events in the country.

Cuban Ambassador meets with Co-President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group.

New Plymouth. November 22. Ambassador Edgardo Valdés met with Angela Roberts, Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Latin America and the Caribbean of New Zealand, with whom he spoke extensively about Cuba, its foreign policy and the prospects for exchange between both Parliaments.

Roberts expressed interest in visiting Cuba in the future.

Cuban diplomats visit the city of Whanganui.

Whanganui, November 19. During a visit to this city, Ambassador Edgardo Valdés had a friendly meeting with Mayor H.W Hamish Mc Douall, with whom he exchanged on the situation in Cuba, the relationship with New Zealand and other topics of interest.

McDouall praised the Cuban film "Inocencia", shown here recently in the framework of the Latin America and Spain Film Festival.

Several ideas for cultural cooperation and the promotion of tourism to Cuba emerged from the meeting.