Vietnamese veterans and Cuban Embassy promote activities on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations

The Embassy of Cuba in Vietnam held a fraternal meeting with the leaders of Duong Truong Son (Ho Chi Minh route) Association ,to schedule possible activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Vietnam-Cuba diplomatic relations .

At the fraternal meeting, held at the Association's headquarters in Hanoi, the participants highlighted Vietnamese veterans´ contribution   to the preservation of ties between the two countries.

Deputy Head of Mission, Nancy Coro Aguiar, highly valued the contribution of the members of the Association to the anti-imperialist and national reunification struggle in Vietnam, and especially recognized the activism of that entity in promoting solidarity activities with Cuba in recent years.

President of the Association, General Võ Sở, stressed that, since the Cuban collaboration in the construction of the Truong Son route -a strategic path that allowed carrying supplies from the north to the south of the Vietnamese geography in times of war-, the brotherhood between the two peoples has become stronger and more comprehensive.

In outlining joint actions to celebrate six decades of diplomatic relations, the representatives of the Association and the Embassy agreed to unveil a commemorative plaque on Cuban-Vietnamese solidarity in the construction of the Ho Chi Minh route, in a town of central province Quang Tri, where the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, arrived during his first visit to Vietnam in 1973.

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