Vietnames leaders welcomed Cuban First Vice President

The first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, Salvador Valdés Mesa, was welcomed in Hanoi by the Secretary General of Vietnam Communist Party (VCP), the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the leader of the National Assembly.

Valdés Mesa talked with the leader of VCP, Nguyen Phu Trong, about the importance of his last visit to Cuba, last March, when both countries reached new agreements in order to expand bilateral political and economic ties.

The Cuban leader, who is in Vietnam to participate in the commemorations for the 45th anniversary of Fidel's first visit to the Asian nation, agreed with Phu Trong on the meaning of that epic event in 1973 for the future of brotherhood relations between the two peoples.

The Secretary General highlighted the role of Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh as architects of the special relationship that unites Cubans and Vietnamese, and celebrated the cooperation projects the two countries share in several fields today.

During his meeting with president Tran Dai Quang, the leader of the Caribbean country and his counterpart ratified the mutual interest to expand the joint initiatives in economic and commercial matters, to bring the links in this sphere into the same level of excellent political relations.

The Vietnamese Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, meanwhile, during the meeting with the First Cuban Vice President, highlighted the endearing brotherhood that unites both peoples and proposed to work from both governments to advance the joint projects and implement the agreements reached during the visit to Cuba by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Valdés Mesa also met the president of the National Assembly, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, who led the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association for almost a decade. He recalled that Kim Ngan headed the first foreign delegation that arrived in Havana to pay posthumous tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution in 2016.

The Cuban leader's program included official conversations with Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, and will continue with visits to Quang Tri and Quang Binh provinces, in the central part of Vietnam, where he will meet local leaders.

In Quang Tri and Quang Binh, the First Vice President of Cuba will attend the activities planned to commemorate the historic visit of Fidel to those territories, 45 years ago, during Vietnam War

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