Socialist Women’s Union of Sri Lanka demands the end of the blockade

Sri Lanka, March 9, 2018. -  During the ceremony held at the Public Library of Colombo, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the Socialist Women’s Union of Sri Lanka delivered to the Cuban Ambassador, Juana Elena Ramos Rodríguez, a copy of the letter directed by that organization to the Ambassador of the United States in Sri Lanka, demanding the unilateral and unconditional cessation of the blockade imposed by his government against Cuba for almost 60 years.

In her speech, the Ambassador of Cuba extended, on behalf of the Federation of Cuban Women, a message of solidarity to the women of Sri Lanka, who play an important role in society and the family. She also thanked the Socialist Women's Union and the people of Sri Lanka for their traditional support to Cuba in its fight against the blockade.

The Ambassador highlighted the thinking of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, about the role of women in the Cuban revolutionary process. She also reiterated that while the blockade persists, Cuba will not cease in its fight against this unjust policy.

(Cubaminrex - Embacuba Sri Lanka)