Rejection of the US blockade against Cuba in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, June 6, 2019. - Members of the Association of Friendship with Cuba, of the Association of Graduates and leaders of several political parties, expressed their rejection of the new measures put into effect against Cuba by the Government of the United States as part of its policy of intensifying the economic, commercial and financial blockade it has maintained against our country for nearly six decades and the application of Titles III and IV of the Helms Burton Act.

Likewise, those present, meeting at the Cuban Embassy in Colombo, reiterated the illegality of Helms - Burton, which contravenes the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of International Law.

The Helms-Burton Act, since its entry into force in 1996, has sought to universalize the extraterritorial application of the blockade to Cuba, through the use of unlawful pressures from the United States against third countries, their governments and their companies. This act seeks to stifle the Cuban economy. It has the consequences of increasing the shortcomings of the Cuban population. According to its own narrative, it intends to impose a government in Cuba that responds to the interests of the United States.


(Cubaminrex – Embacuba Sri Lanka)

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