Prime Minister of Sri Lanka signed the Book of Condolences on the death of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution

SRI LANKA, November 30, 2016. - The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Honorable Ranil Wickremesinghe, signed the Book of Condolences, opened at the Embassy of Cuba, on the occasion of the death of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. Upon his arrival he was received by the Ambassador of Cuba, Juana Elena Ramos Rodríguez.

The Prime Minister wrote the following message in the Book of Condolences:

"We express our sorrow and extend our condolences to the people of Cuba on the occasion of the death of Fidel Castro, Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro changed history. He raised the standards of life of his people. It gave them dignity. Fidel Castro impacted not only the history of Cuba but also the region and the world. We remember the close friendship between Fidel Castro and J.R. Jayewardene.

Once again I express our most sincere condolences. "

(Cubaminrex-Embacuba Sri Lanka)


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