M’membe eulogises Raul Castro.

By The Mast  April 19, 2021.  SOCIALIST Party president Fred M’membe has described former Cuban president and member of the generational leadership of the Revolution, Raul Castro, as a man who has stood steadfast for 62 years. Raul, Cuba’s four-star Army General, has announced his resignation as First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party.

Dr M’membe says the brother to Cuba’s first revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz has never given in to imperialist pressures. He said it gives him and other revolutionaries in the Socialist Party inspiration to fight for their cause in this year’s general election.

“Whereas there are men and women and political parties and governments that have sold out to imperialism, been hired by imperialism, or surrendered to imperialism, you have for 62 years stood steadfast. You have confronted every difficult; pressure and economic, political and all other kinds of attacks,” stated Dr M’membe in a declaration of solidarity to Raul as the Cuban Communist Party holds its eighth Congress which comes to a close today. “We have all the confidence that the new leadership of the Cuban Revolution will follow the example of those who created that Revolution and opened a new path for humanity and will adhere to their ideas loyally, and no force on earth can deter the PCC from its revolutionary course. Comrades, your maturity, seriousness, wisdom, honesty, and courage give us inspiration and feeling of security and great confidence in the future as we prepare for our elections coming up in four months, on August 12. You have to cope with the objective problems of the international situation, the increasing number of economic and political measures the imperialists are taking against the Revolution.”

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