Message to Army General Raúl Castro on the 60th Anniversary of the Revolution.

January 1, 2019                         

Comrade Raùl Castro Ruz, Army General, 

First Secretary 

Communist Party of Cuba, Havana, Cuba 

Re: 60th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution 

Dear Comrade Raùl,

Receive our warm regards. 

Today we join you and the heroic people of Cuba in celebrating the monumental 60th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. 

Sixty years today the Revolution brought belief to the world that a determined people can bring down brutal dictatorship and institute people-led radical reforms that has made Cuba a reference point. 

After the Russian Revolution, there is no other Revolution other than the Cuban Revolution that has made such a transcendental impact in global affairs. 

Still fresh in our memory are the heroics of our Cuban internationalist compatriots, many of whom perished, in the struggle for independence and right to self-determination of the peoples of Angola, Namibia and indeed South Africa.

Without the clarity and intervention of Cuban forces in the liberation of southern Africa, particularly against the brutal apartheid forces supported by imperialists, the independence of South Africa wouldn't have been accelerated.

Comrade Raùl, yours and commandante Fidel Castro Ruz, has been a true Revolution leading by its same ideals and principles from the inception and perfecting what needs to be perfected progressively and without improvisation in full consultation with the people. 

We are following with admiration and keen interest the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution including the review of the Constitution, that now goes to a referendum in February 2019.

We cannot forget the admirable work of Cuban internationalist medical brigades that has won hearts here in Africa, including Zambia, and all over the world. 

Despite the most brutal and genocidal Economic, Commercial and Financial blockade with extraterritorial reach persecuted by the United States against Cuba, the Revolution continues to offer solidarity including scholarships to thousands of African, Latin America, Caribbean, US citizens, and other Asian countries. How can we forget your relentless demand for the liberation of Palestine and the Western Sahara!

What the Revolution has achieved in education, sports and culture, health, among others, sets Cuba apart given the circumstances in which you been forced to work under.

The Socialist Party (Zambia) joins you and the humble but noble people of Cuba in celebrating these 60 years of the Revolution. 

Cuba is our beacon. 

Though thousands of miles away, on this occasion, we join you and the heroic people of Santiago in this celebration. 

We look forward to a day, when conditions permit, to travel to Cuba to also pay our respects to Comandante Fidel. 

Our admiration and respect of Fidel, yourself and all Cuban revolutionaries increases every day. You have defied the odds and built a society based on the highest standards of fairness, justice and humaneness. You have shared what you have with others across the globe. The Cuban Revolution is rightfully a beacon for people who believe that a better world is indeed possible.

Cuban Revolution deserves our solidarity and respect today and forever.

We congratulate you, the PCC and the people of Cuba for these wonderful 60 years of boundless humanity.

Fidel lives in us!

Dr. Fred M'membe,

Presidential candidate 2021 and Deputy General Secretary of Socialist Party of Zambia


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