Kaunda was a giant of African nationalism

By The Mast  June 22, 2021. CUBA says Dr Kenneth Kaunda was a man of great personal charm and a giant of African nationalism. Cuba’s Ambassador to Zambia Javier Viamontes Correa says Dr Kaunda was an outstanding, respected, admired and historic icon in the fight for independence of Zambia and Africa.

In his eulogy in honour of Dr Kaunda, Zambia’s founding president, Ambassador Correa expressed deepest condolences to the family, relatives, friends, Zambians and the government of Zambia on the passing away of Dr Kaunda, “a man of great personal charm and giant of African nationalism.”

He said Cubans always remember Dr Kaunda in their hearts as a close and great friend of their late national leader Fidel Castro in the struggle for a better world. Ambassador Correa noted that Cubans still have in mind Dr Kaunda’s last visit to Havana in June 2013 when he met then president Raul Castro Ruz.

He remembered that Dr Kaunda was awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba with the Order of Solidarity for his respectful support of Cuba and the just causes: “we defend against US blockade and for building our own system according to our desire and aspirations.”

“On this sad moment, to the Zambian youth we say learn from his honesty, hardworking, humble character and love for the African continent and its people, and to strive for the wellbeing of all Africans, starting with immediate neighbors in the community just like he did. Long live Dr Kenneth David Kaunda!” he said. “He was an outstanding, respected, admired and historic icon in the fight for independence of Zambia and Africa in general, against colonialism, racism, tribalism and apartheid.”

Ambassador Correa added that Dr Kaunda would always be remembered as an example of a genuine patriot, who dedicated his entire life to serve his people and contributed immensely to the need of building national unity, selflessness and harmony among human beings. He said in that sense, his philosophy of humanism expounds great ideas of Ubuntu (humanity), which is the basis of most African cultures.

“While in power his commitment to Africa’s liberation will never be forgotten, as he supported and hosted many of the liberation movements fighting for independence in other countries of Africa and also became an AIDS campaigner,” Ambassador Correa said. “For future generations, they are the ones to ensure that in his absence they would continue to strive for the development of Africa, security of Africa, and unity of Africans.”

He said that extent, the history of Zambia could not be written without mentioning, with golden letters, the pronounced contribution of Dr Kaunda to the founding of Zambia as a free, independent and sovereign nation, which he ruled for 27 years, taking the helm after the country gained independence from Britain in October 1964 until 1991.

“When we accompany his family, relatives and friends on this sad days of mourning, his passing away at the age of 97 marks not just the end of an era in Zambia but also a great loss that will be mourned across Africa and the world at large, for his vision, inspiration and strong will as anti-colonial legacy of a Zambian leader who became Africa’s elder Statesman and historical figure,” noted Ambassador Correa. “It is worthy to mention that he is considered as a great Pan-Africanist, who courageously fought for independence for his country, and contributed immensely to the liberation of his southern Africa neighbourhood as a leader of one of the frontline States.”

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