July 26th, 1953: History was not wrong.

Port of Spain, July 26th, 2021. July 26th is looming, a date that contains great content and historical significance for all Cubans. This year marks the 68th Anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, a feat carried out by the centennial generation, who without intending to do so in that stage of revolutionary fervor, today their exploits are part of the sacred pages of our history.

And so it woke up under fire from different weapons, in the morning of Santa Ana, the city of Santiago de Cuba that July 26th, 1953. The year in which coincidentally tribute was also paid to the Apostle on his centenary and it was the chosen date by those young assailants to fearlessly expose their lives and sow the seeds of that resounding historical change that, despite the military failure, began to become a reality years later.

The repression unleashed by the tyranny, after the assault, did not wait. It was necessary to spread like wildfire the exemplary behaviors to be taken against those who had disobeyed the regime. The murders and torture rained down, the walls of the Moncada were impregnated with blood and pain; it only interrupted the apparent tranquility of the night, the moans and screams of those tortured youths who all they did was fight for dignity, Sovereignty and a better future for their Homeland.

They did not triumph that day, but they achieved the objective of marking the beginning of a new stage in the revolutionary struggle against the pro-American dictatorship of General Fulgencio Batista. Those actions led by Doctor Fidel Castro Ruz, a young lawyer only 27 years old, served to demonstrate to the people that armed struggle would be the only way to be used to win victory.

Automatically, the young men who were left alive were incarcerated in the Isla de Pinos Prison and of course there was also Fidel who asked to be transferred along with his comrades in the fight, knowing that the prison would be too harsh for him. Despite all the events, the voices of these young revolutionaries could not be silenced and proof of this is that on October 16, 1953, Fidel stood up with his self-defense plea "History will Absorb me", turning from accused to accuser , denouncing with tremendous clarity, cleanliness, knowledge and courage, the evils that plagued the Republic, evils that led to lines of action drawn up by the revolutionary movement and that later became the Revolution's struggle program.

Today more than ever, the words expressed by Fidel years later have enormous validity: "... The Moncada taught us to turn setbacks into victories. It was not the only bitter test of adversity, but nothing could contain the victorious struggle of our people. Trenches of ideas were more powerful than trenches of stones. It showed us the value of a doctrine, the strength of ideas, and it left us the permanent lesson of perseverance and tenacity in just purposes. Our heroic dead did not fall in vain. They indicated the duty to move forward, they kindled in souls the inextinguishable breath, they accompanied us in prisons and in exile, they fought alongside us throughout the war. We see them reborn in the new generations that grow up to the fraternal and human warmth of the Revolution ... "

May these words serve as a program of struggle for the future actions of young Cubans who today represent the continuity of the Revolution. We are convinced that they will carry them impregnated in their minds and will know how to honor them with excessive sacrifice in the defense of the socialist Homeland.

Eternal glory to the heroes and martyrs of July 26th!

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Country or Death! Overcome!.

Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago.

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