Homage to Fidel in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, November 23, 2017. - In ceremony held at the Sausiripaya Auditorium of Colombo, the Sri Lanka – Cuba Friendship Association paid deserved tribute to the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, on the first anniversary of his demise. On this occasion, the figure of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution was highlighted as an example of dignity and anti-imperialist thinking.

During the occasion, those present also demanded to put an end to the unjust blockade imposed by the United States government against Cuba and also the new provisions and regulations imposed by the administration of Donald Trump to implement measures to reinforce the blockade against Cuba were rejected.

The ceremony was attended by several members of Parliament, leaders of different political parties, representatives of the religious sector, graduates in Cuba, among others.


(Cubaminrex – Embacuba Sri Lanka)