Glorious victory of Cuba in Playa Girón commemorated in Hanoi

The special ties of brotherhood and integral cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba were highlighted this April 19th, during a commemorative ceremony held in Hanoi, on ocassion of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban victory in Playa Girón.

The event, held within the framework of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, was attended by the Vice Minister of Defense of Vietnam, Colonel General Nguyen Tan Cuong; representatives of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association and other Vietnamese entities with relations with Cuba. On the Cuban side, the military, naval and air attaché of the Embassy, ​​Colonel Juan Miguel García Montano, and Cuban officials, experts and students in Vietnam participated.

In his opening remarks, Tan Cuong emphasized that the Girón victory constituted a source of stimulus for the national liberation movement against the imperialism of the countries in the Latin American region, in particular, and the Third World, in general.

On behalf of the leaders of the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, he congratulated Cuba for the success of the VIII National Congress of its Communist Party and also expressed the conviction that, under the leadership of the new Central Committee of the Party, the Island will achieve more successes on the socialist path.

He highlighted the solidarity, brotherhood and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba, which always receive appreciation and contributions from generations of leaders of the two countries, to become an exemplary relationship of the time.

Colonel García Montano thanked the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense, VUFO and AAVC for organizing the commemorative event of such an important date for the Army and the Cuban people, in addition to the sincere sentiments of the Party, State, Army and people of Vietnam towards Cuba during the last 60 years, especially in the most difficult times.

The Cuban military attaché pointed out that the people of the Caribbean nation congratulate Vietnam for the results of the XIII Congress of the Communist Party of the Indochinese country, and stressed that Vietnam, with its new party leadership, the State and the Government, will continue its impetuous economic, political and social development, by achieving new successes both domestically and internationally.

In the context of the activity, was inaugurated a photographic exhibition named Vietnam-Cuba: love and fidelity, and was also screened the documentary Two hearts, one beat.

(With information from the Vietnamese News Agency)

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