Embassy attends International Workshop on President Ho Chi Minh

The Cuban Embassy participated in the International Workshop “Ho Chi Minh´s legacy for Vietnamese cultural diplomacy”, held this October 29 in the central province of Nghe An, where venerable Uncle Ho was born.

On behalf of Cuba, the official in charge of political and economic issues, Ambassador Carlos Alfredo Amores Balbín, mentioned the confluence of the distinguished Vietnamese leader´s thought with the Cuban Revolution foreign policy.

The Cuban representative stressed that the ideal of peace, esential element of Ho Chi Minh's thought and action, is reflected both in the foreign policy of Vietnam and in that of Cuba, a country that currently maintains relations with 195 states and has 127 embassies and 20  general consulates around the world.

The diplomat highlighted the historic leader Fidel Castro´s admiration for President Ho Chi Minh, for the enormous power of his personal example and his influence on several generations of Vietnamese.

Amores Balbín quoted Fidel, expressing that "we see in the Vietnamese people the result of education and the magnificent mark that Ho Chi Minh´s teachings left in their hearts and spirit."

The event, chaired by deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nguyen Quoc Cuong, and Vice President of Nghe An Popular Committee, brought together the ambassadors of Angola, Bangladesh China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the UNESCO representative in Vietnam, other diplomats from Argentina, Laos, Mozambique , Ukraine, as well as executives of the National Academy of Politics Ho Chi Minh.

Participants in the event visited the place where President Ho Chi Minh was born, in the Kim Lien commune.

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