The Cyprus - Cuban Friendship Association denounces anti-cuban maneuver in the European Parliament

Cyprus-Cuban Friendship Association:

The European Parliament must demand an end to the 60-year-old US blockade of Cuba that violates human rights and not become a satellite of the US

9th June 2021, Nicosia

At a time when the United States is tightening its criminal economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba by imposing 240 new sanctions, intensifying its interventions and increasing funding for the overthrow of the Cuban Revolution, the European Parliament is debating "human rights and the political situation in Cuba ". The well-known group of ultra-right MEP’s that put the issue on the agenda of the current plenary of the European Parliament, is citing distorted information about supposed human rights violations. These individuals are once again proving to be the mouthpiece and tool of US circles that are working tirelessly and funding activities to harm the Cuban people. Their aim in the European Parliament, with the resolution they are seeking to adopt tomorrow, is to damage the development of EU-Cuba relations on the basis of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement based on equality, mutual respect and non-intervention.

Those who want to appear as outspoken defenders of human rights around the world are, in essence, defenders of the most blatant violations of human rights and international law all over the world. And while the overwhelming majority of UN member states have for many years denounced the US blockade on Cuba and demanded its immediate termination, they not only do not denounce this blockade, but support it.

The Cyprus-Cuban Friendship Association denounces these machinations and reaffirms its solidarity with the Cuban people and Cuban Revolution. It unites its voice with the movements and forces that are demanding the immediate termination of the criminal blockade. The same will be demanded once again by the UN General Assembly on June 23.

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