Communiqué of the Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago, for the events that occurred in Cuba on July 11.

Port of Spain, July 15, 2021. The Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago, as nationals who love our homeland, We offer our unconditional support to the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PCC and President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. We vigorously reject the machinery interventionist from the United States, which in turn finances the Cuban-American extreme right, encouraging violence and civil disobedience. The US government for decades has tried to materialize its political strategy against our land, trying to slowly extinguish a heroic and virile people, who before any setbacks have been lifted and he has followed through with correct conduct in the compliance with the rules and with a straight and transparent attitude evidenced every day, in the demonstrated patriotism of his people and in the blood shed by our heroes and martyrs as incomparable examples of our history. We firmly reject the humanitarian intervention promoted by the terrorist mafia of the South of Florida, which we know is nothing more than an underhanded military intervention, which will entail irreparable consequences for the Cuban people and will entail the loss of a large amount of human lives. We ratify our unconditional support for our Revolution. Now more than ever our Homeland needs its most worthy children, supporting the words of our president and Chancellor, because as our invincible Commander-in-Chief once expressed: “... One thing that the enemy has to know, unmistakably, is that the battle against us is to death, that they are not going to have any illusions that the country is going to collapse ... "." ... flags of the Revolution and socialism are not handed over without fighting. Surrender is from cowards and demoralized people, not communists or revolutionaries ... ", words that they have an extraordinary validity at the moment. We will only accept as aid, to our country, President Joe Biden, the lifting of the economic, financial and commercial blockade together with the lifting of the 243 extra measures that President Trump imposed on the Cuban people. We hope you do not forget that once plus the world raised its voice against the blockade against Cuba and 184 countries supported our fight on June 23 at the United Nations. Find out once, Mr. President, that we are a people that have resisted, a people that asks for freedom, yes, but from the chains and shackles that have been imposed on us for more than six decades, with that incurable virus: BLOQUEO, which has been inhumanly intensified in in the midst of a pandemic, aggravated by the Delta variants that today represent high levels of contagion and greater lethality. Despite adversity, our health system has further shown its strength and has followed through on strategies designed to try to decrease the number of infections, in the midst of this terrible wave of disease; in fact today We have smaller contagion and fatality indicators in Latin America and worldwide. Also today we have one of the most precious jewels in the face of this terrible pandemic, emanated from the effort and research of our scientists: our five candidates vaccines and of them, one is already a vaccine. This will allow us to carry out the mass vaccination of the population throughout the length and breadth of the island. We say to our people that we carry Cuba in our hearts, not to be confused and that today in this epidemiological context, the best weapons are discipline and responsibility because we are facing a battle for life. We know that we are lacking due to the blockage and our own mistakes which are have been presented on some occasions in the construction of the socialist project, but we are we Cubans are the builders of this work, those of us who have to grow before the difficulties, stand up and solve our problems, without the need for interventionist recipes or foreign. We strongly reaffirm, as worthy heirs of Martí, Maceo and Fidel, that Cuba will continue being an "Eternal Baraguá, With everyone and for the good of all". No to Imperialist Interference in Cuba!. No to Media Terrorism!. No to lies or media manipulation! Long live socialist, sovereign and solidarity Cuba! Long live Díaz Canel and Fidel forever! Ever onward to victory! COUNTRY OR DEATH! OVERCOME!

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