Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the fall in combat of Che Guevara in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, October 9, 2017.- After the traditional wreath deposited next to the plaque located at the base of the tree planted by Che during his visit to Sri Lanka, in August 2017, in the town of Horana with the participation of parliamentarians, members of the local government, members of the Friendship Association, officials of the Embassy of Cuba and friends, a rally of more than 300 motorcycles left for the southern town of Hambantota, in reference to Che's tour of Central and South America.

Already in the town of Hambantota a political - cultural act was held in homage to Che, convened by the Union of the Socialist Youth of Sri Lanka (SYU), occasion in which tribute was also paid to the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, standing out the endearing friendship and community of ideas that existed between both.

Likewise, a declaration demanding the end of the blockade against Cuba and the rejection of Donald Trump's declarations against Cuba was approved.


(Cubaminrex – Embacuba Sri Lanka)