Celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago the day of National Rebellion.

Port of Spain, July 25, 2021. The group of the Cuban Embassy together with representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Solidarity Movement, representative of young graduates in Cuba, the Political Leader of the Social Justice Movement, the Director of Latin America and the Caribbean ICAP, representatives of Cuban residents, of the Cuban Medical Brigade that provides services in Trinidad and Tobago, participated today in a virtual meeting to commemorate the day of the Cuban National Rebellion.

The interventions made recalled the significance of the anniversary for Cuba and for all the peoples of the Caribbean, and joined their voices demanding the end of the illegal economic, financial and commercial blockade that the US government maintains against the Cuban people, for more than six decades. They in turn highlighted the medical solidarity that for several years Cuba has provided to several countries in the world despite the economic and financial limitations that the country currently presents, which have been increased by the 243 additional measures imposed by the Trump administration. During the meeting, mention was made of the effort made by Cuban medicine to develop the five vaccine candidates based on the fight against Covid-19.

The Director of Latin America and the Caribbean of ICAP, Lilian Zamora Rodriguez reiterated the gratitude of our people for the solidarity received from Trinidad and Tobago in denouncing the unconventional war that is being implemented against Cuba.

For his part, the President of the Friends of Cuba Association, Clyde Callender, read the statement signed by the members of that Association in support of Cuba and demanding the end of the blockade.

The Cuban Ambassador, Tania Diego Olite thanked all the participants for the solidarity and gave an update on the media political operation that is being carried out from the United States against the Cuban Revolution, and exposed the broad expressions of solidarity received by Cuba from other countries of the world, including Governments, Personalities, Political Parties, Social Movements and Trade Unions, among others.

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