Ambassador of Cuba in Nigeria offers an interview to the Arise TV channel.

Abuja, September 8, 2020. Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Clara Pulido Escandell, gave an interview to the Nigerian journalist and analyst Charles Aniagolu, on the program “The Arise Interview”, of the television channel “Arise TV”.

During it, the Cuban diplomat referred to the process of developing the new Cuban vaccine Soberana01 against the COVID19 pandemic and about the exemplary show of solidarity of the Cuban health personnel, in particular the Henry Reeve Brigade in their confrontation against the pandemic within and outside of our Island and also highlighted the special relations with Africa and with Nigeria in particular.

She recognized the avant-garde role of the Finlay Institute, the Center for Molecular Immunology and other Cuban institutions to be able to be today in Phase 1 of Soberana01, without violating the necessary scientific steps and despite the blockade.

Similarly, the work of the Cuban Medical Brigades working in different parts of the world, including some thirty African countries, was recognized.

The ambassador also highlighted the common history that unites Cuba and Nigeria, specifically in the profound influence of the original cultures of that country on Cuban culture and identity.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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