Vice President of the National Assembly of People´s Power and the Council of State of Cuba, Ana María Mari Machado, holds exchanges in the Netherlands.

The Hague, October 21st. 2019. A delegation of Cuba´s National Assembly of People´s Power led by its Vice-president Ana María Mari Machado, visited The Netherlands on October 18th and held useful exchanges with her Dutch counterparts. The visitors were received by Members of Parliament, officials of both houses of the legislative as well as senior functionaries of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

During the meetings several topics of interest of the bilateral political and parliamentarian agenda were addressed, together with an update on the current developments in Cuba and the European country, which are linked by 117 years of uninterrupted bilateral relations.

The visit was an opportunity to vigorously reject and denounce the tightening of the United States blockade against Cuba, which hampers the legitimate development of trade and investment relations of any country with Cuba, a set of sanctions which is sharpened even more by its extraterritorial character.

The opportunity was also timely to address the November 6 and 7 vote of the resolution “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba” which for the 28th consecutive time will take place in the General Assembly of the United Nations where  the traditional support by the overwhelming majority of the United Nations member states is expected.    

The Vice-president of Cuba´s Council of State and National Assembly of People´s Power was accompanied by Chairwoman of the Cuban Parliament´s International Relations Standing Committee, Yolanda Ferrer and Jesús R. Mora and official of the same legislative body. Ambassador Soraya Alvarez Nuñez and other diplomats from the Cuban mission who participated in the  preparations for the visit also accompanied the Cuban delegation.



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