President of Cuba´s National Institute of Water Resources (INRH Spanish language acronym) held fruitful exchanges with Dutch experts in water management and coastal protection.

The Hague, October 14th.President of Cuba´s National Institute of Water Resources (INRH), Engineer Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, in the context of a short stay in the Netherlands on rout to the Water Summit to be held in Budapest Hungary, held several meetings with Dutch experts specialized in comprehensive water management and coastal protection works in this country. This was a good opportunity to exchange experience between the two countries in an area considered a priority in both countries´ economic and social development programs as well as in the policies designed to face climate change.  

During the conversations INRH President provided an update on the Tarea Vida (Task Life), the Cuban Government plan adopted in April 2017 to face climate change. The INRH has the responsibility of implementing measures in matters related to water management among others, as part of the multidisciplinary and inter-ministerial working group established to that effect.   

The Cuban leader and other INHR officials who were part of the delegation such as Director of joint venture  Aguas de La Habana S.A. in charge of Havana´s water supply, the executives from Higher Business Management Organization for Water and Sanitation as well as the director of the Institute´s International Relations and Cooperation Department  visited the works the Delta Plan in the Netherlands allowing them to have first-hand information  regarding several innovative and internationally  acknowledged solutions Dutch engineers and people have developed over the decades in face of the well-known historic challenges they have been obliged to confront in the field of water management and coastal protection against flooding.  

The delegation was accompanied by Cuban Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Soraya Alvarez and other officials of the Diplomatic mission.


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