Live: Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez elected as President of the Republic

Today, October 10, will be another memorable day for the homeland. Maintaining the historical continuity of the Cuban Revolution, initiated 151 years ago in La Demajagua, the Republic of Cuba’s Council of State Council will be elected during an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, as stipulated in the second transitory provision of the new Constitution.
With remarks from the President of the Republic, the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power concluded.

Today is October 10 and we Cubans should congratulate each other, he said. This was Cuba's first day of freedom, as Carlos Manuel de Céspedes said in the historic uprising of La Demajagua, "and we have every reason to celebrate."

Díaz-Canel stated, "The Revolution is a struggle for the future, as it always has been and continues to be."

For all elected, he said, the fundamental task must be the future. Nonetheless, he reiterated, as fundamental tasks, we have, first of all, defense and the economy.
He recalled that, on the Presidency’s website, he had made the call “to think as a country, and found a great deal of optimism and confidence and also some expressions of concern, logical given the convulsive international panorama."

The President evoked Martí: "To govern is to foresee". And the Revolution, he stated, "owes much to the foresight of Fidel and Raul. That is our political school.” For those who have doubts, he suggested, just look at our 60 years of history.

“The Cuban Revolution will preserve intact all of its convictions, those that cost the blood of the country’s children. When you have a people of such traditions, like the Cuban, you do not hesitate to face the future, aware that you will triumph. Today we repeat the expression we have often heard from the Army General: What a people we have!

“The more they attack and intimidate us, the more our willpower, national strength, and unity grows. October 10 will always inspire us, as the mambises did not hesitate to use machetes, when there were no guns, we will always have our dignity as a banner and a moral shield.”
In the land of Céspedes, Mariana, Gómez, Maceo, Martí, Mella, Guiteras, Rubén, Camilo, Che, Almeida, Ramiro, Guillermo, Vilma, Celia, Haydee, Melba ... in the land of Raúl and Fidel, the Bronze Titan’s warning has not changed one millimeter: “He who attempts to take Cuba, will collect only the dust of its blood soaked soil, if he does not perish in the fight.”

"Intense, challenging days await us, but no one is going to take from us the confidence in the future which we owe our children," he concluded

National Assembly and Council of State President Esteban Lazo invitesthe president of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, to report the results of the vote.

In compliance with articles 222, 223 and 224 Section 1 of the Electoral Law, the vote count was conducted with the following results:

• Of 605 deputy seats, 599 are currently occupied.

• There are 6 vacancies at this time.

• 580 deputies were present, representing 96.83% attendance.

• 19 deputies were absent.

• 580 deputies voted, representing 100% of those present.

• 580 deputies deposited their ballot in the ballot box.

• 580 ballots were ruled valid, 100%

• 568 deputies for all the candidates voted and 12 cast selective votes.

As established in the Constitution of the Republic, in Articles 126 and 129, to be elected for these positions, a favorable vote of the absolute majority is required.

For President of the Republic: Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez obtained 579 votes for 96.76%, which represents the majority of deputies currently members of the National Assembly.

For the Vice President of the Republic: Salvador Antonio Valdés Mesa obtained 569 votes for 94.99%, which represents the majority of deputies currently members of the National Assembly.

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