Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosts students from Leiden University Medical College (LUMC)

The Hague 31st of May 019. The Cuban mission in the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted last Wednesday a group of students and professors from the Leiden University Medical College (LUMC), who will visit Cuba in October as part of the Global Health Cuba program, which is carried out in our country every year.   

During his visit at the diplomatic seat, a presentation was given on the characteristics, pillars, structure and main results of the Cuban public health system, as well as its internationalist vocation and international solidarity.

It was also a timely occasion to address the limitations and obstacles caused by the unilateral blockade policy imposed by the United States, especially in the case of access to medications and technologies indispensable in the treatment of many different diseases. They were also brought up to date on the recent activation of Title III of the Helms Burton Act as an additional escalation of the aggressive US government policy against Cuba.

The students were impressed by Cuba´s achievements in the health sector and were also interested in learning additional details of its functioning, curricula of medical science universities, primary health care and the use of traditional medicine

The fraternal meeting was the opportunity for students to obtain useful information for their upcoming trip to our country and as it has been the case in other trips they promised to visit the mission upon their return to share their experience.  

It is the third group of students of LUMC hosted by the mission within the framework of this program which has been in place for five years with very positive results.


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