Donald Trump To Be Subjected To ‘Political Trial’ Before International Community – Cuban Ambassador

Posted on November 5, 2019  Authorthevoice 

Cuban Ambassador to The Gambia Rubén G. Abelenda disclosed that a new draft resolution against the United States of America blockade against Cuba would be debated and decided on in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 6-7 November.

The Cuban envoy, in a statement received by The Voice here, said when the new draft resolution was debated and voted on, US President Donald Trump would be subjected to a “political trial before the international community” for the economic, commercial and financial war that rages in the largest of the Antilles.

“That ‘impeachment’ to Trump, which of course does not intend to dismiss him as president, as if he could do the eventual pending in his country, will surely condemn him for his hostile and aggressive behaviour towards the people and the government of the Caribbean nation,” Abelenda said.

According to him, the world will once again demand that the current head of the Washington regime stop the illegal and cruel blockade imposed on Cuba by successive administrations of the White House for 60 years, which he has fiercely intensified.

Ambassador Abelenda said the American president had already predicted another shameful global defeat because the vast majority of the countries of this planet earth would vote in favor of the draft resolution demanding the definitive end of the criminal siege to Cuba.

“Neither pressures nor hoaxes that Washington usually does can prevent the International Community from raising its voice in rejection of the blockade with which it has tried to render hunger and disease to one of the most dignified and supportive peoples.

“Trump truly does not know the Cubans, the resilience they have, and the legacy of unity left to them by the historical leader of their Revolution, Fidel Castro, guarded today by the younger generations as a trophy and one of their most precious gifts.”

He said the “arrogance of the ‘emperor’, mixed with his political ignorance, does not allow him to see either that the Caribbean island enjoys great world prestige because in addition to defending its sovereignty and independence, it has distributed with the most dispossessed peoples what little it has, or not what’s left over”.

He added: “Unlike the United States, which threatens, blackmails, imposes sanctions, blocks and aggresses militarily against the largest of the Antilles that provides health, education, culture and collaboration in many other areas to numerous nations, despite the economic, commercial and financial war that has been waged for Washington for six decades.”

According to him, for these reasons, and for his disrespect for all UN laws, regulations and resolutions, Trump will have a first impeachment on Wednesday and Thursday in New York, where he will be morally punished for his aggressive stance towards Cubans.

“That ‘international political trial’ will precede that prepared by his fellow citizens to try to expel him from the White House, a fact that has driven Trump crazy, as well as his stubborn nightmare with Cuba,” he said.

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