Cuba in Zimbabwe

Vice President bids farewell to Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Cuban Ambassador Elio Savón Oliva was received this morning by the Vice-President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa. During the meeting the Cuban diplomat spoke about the good state of the relations and the positive of his stay in Zimbabwe. The vice president continued the conversation naming several of the programs that were implemented in the last 4 years. He also spoke about how important the Cuban country has been for Cuban aid in sectors such as health and education since its independence.

Vice President of Zimbabwe condemns US sanctions against Cuba

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa Zimbabwe condemned the US economic sanctions on Cuba, saying his country knows what it's like to be under sanctions they has been suffering for 17 years. This happened during the farewell meeting of the Cuban ambassador Elio Savón Oliva in the headquarters of the government of the African country.

Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

On September 29, 2017, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced the decision to significantly downscale the diplomatic staff of the US embassy in Havana and withdraw all their relatives, claiming that there had been “attacks” perpetrated against US Government officials in Cuba which have harmed their health.

Cuban Foreign Minister meets with US Secretary of State

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at the proposal of the Cuban side, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, was received by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the State Department.