Cuba in Zambia


Cuba, April 25, 2019. - At a press conference at the headquarters of the Cuban chancellery, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, said that this morning was dawning with the news from the State Department of the update of the so-called list of sanctioned Cuban companies that number around 200, in which 5 new ones are included.

Cuban Revolution will prevail over US aggression – govt declares

By The Mast, 20 April 2019. CUBA says it is resolutely determined to confront the aggressive escalation of the United States and that Havana will prevail.  The government also says Cuba has no troops in Venezuela and does not participate in military or security operations anywhere unlike the US that has over 250,000 marines and bases in foreign soils around the world. Marking the 58th anniversary of the United State’s April 17, 1961 military invasion at Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs)

The Cuban revolution reiterates its firm determination to face the escalation in aggression by the United States

Cubaminrex, April 18, 2019. Statement of the Revolutionary Government

Today, the 17th of April, we celebrate another anniversary of the start of the military aggression at the Bay of Pigs (Playa Girón) in 1961. The decisive response of the Cuban people in defense of the Revolution and socialism resulted in the first military defeat of imperialism in the Americas, in just 72 hours.

New Cuban constitution triggers process of electing leaders

By Larry Moonze, The Mast, 15 April 2019. CUBA is expected to install a Prime Minister and other executive members before the end of the year in accordance with the new Republican Constitution. Communist Party of Cuba First Secretary Raul Castro says mandated at the beginning of 2020, are the election of provincial governors and vice-governors, and the designation of superintendents by municipal assemblies.