Cuba in Zambia

US expels two Cuban diplomats to UN

By The Mast  on September 23, 2019. THE US has expelled two Cuban diplomats from the UN Permanent Mission and has imposed movement restrictions on those remaining to the island of Manhattan. But Cuba says the imputation that its diplomatic corps performed acts incompatible with their diplomatic status is vulgar slander.

Nigeria Hosts African Solidarity Meeting With Cuba

NEWS leadership, 17 September 2019. The Nigeria Movement of Solidarity with Cuba is set to host its 6th Solidarity meeting from September 23 to September  25 in Abuja, to pressure the US government to lift its over 50-year blockade on Cuba. The movement comprises labour centres such as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and coalition of other Civil Society groups and women organisations.

Cuba overcomes ‘first stage’ of fuel shortage

Havana, Cuba, 22 September 2019. By The Mast. PRESIDENT Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez says Cuba has overcome the first stage of fuel shortage with minimum impact. During a meeting to evaluate measures taken in Cuba’s western province of Pinar Del Rio to address the difficult energy situation, President Díaz-Canel blamed the shortages on the US government which has placed sanctions on Venezuela, the chief oil supplier for Cuba.

Cuba Presents New Report on Impact of USA Blockade

Cubaminrex, Havana, September 20, 2019.-  The report covers incidents ranging from April 2018 to March this year.  Cuban  foreign minister reiterated that the blockade continues being the main cause of the difficulties experienced by the Cuban people. (Photo taken from RHC). The US blockade on Cuba was drastically reinforced from April 2018 to March this year, according to the annual report on the effects on the US decades-old measure against Cuba.