Cuba in Zambia

Cuba will never negotiate with US under pressure – Díaz-Canel

By The Mast, 23 June 2019. CUBAN President Miguel Díaz-Canel says Cuba will never negotiate with the United States under pressure and threats. In a Tweet, President Díaz-Canel said Cuba clearly rejected the aggressive policy dictated by the President Donald Trump government against the Caribbean country. The Cuban Head of State invoked revolutionary icon Fidel Castro’s words when he said that, “honour, the country and dignity are not negotiated, just like independence, sovereignty, history and glory are not negotiated either.”

PEACE admits no ambiguities, Bruno Rodríguez.

PEACE admits no ambiguities. During the sixth meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) – Cuba in George, Guyana on Friday, Rodriguez said the meeting took place at a moment when peace in our region was being jeopardised.Peace admits no ambiguities – Bruno Rodriguez

Cuba won’t betray principles in exchange for US promises – govt

By the Mast, 12 June 2019. CUBA has told the US that betrayal is not an option for the communist island which has already struggled for 150 years for its independence. Havana also charges that President Donald Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton has managed to take possession of US foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere, which “constitutes the main threat to peace and stability in the entire region.”

In a declaration dated June 5, 2019, the Revolutionary government stressed that Cuba’s solidarity with Venezuela’s constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros, the Bolivarian Chavista Revolution, and the civic-military union of its people is not negotiable.