Cuba in Vietnam

Cuba will continue to build an ever freer, more democratic, just and fraternal society

Statement by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, during the presentation of Cuba’s National Report to the Third Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, may 16, 2018. (Unofficial version)

Mr. President:

Once again, Cuba attends the Universal Periodic Review to ratify its firm commitment with the guarantees for the exercise of human rights.

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strongest condemnation of the new attack by the United States and some of its allies against military and civilian facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic on the evening of this April 13th, under the pretext of the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians by the Syrian Government.

Visit to Cuba of the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam will strengthen friendship, Ambassador said

Cuban ambassador, Lianys Torres Rivera, spoke with the Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) about the excellent bilateral ties, on the occasion of the upcoming visit to Cuba by the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV), Nguyen Phu Trong.

The Cuban diplomat evoked the Vietnamese leader's last visit to Cuba in 2012, when he met the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, and received, from the President Raúl Castro Ruz, the José Martí Order, maximum distinction granted by the Cuban State.

Vietnamese press reflects upcoming visit to Cuba by General Secretary of the Communist Party

The announcement of the state visit to Cuba by the general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (VCP), Nguyen Phu Trong, was headline on Vietnamese national media.

The Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) published a note on the visit of the leader of the VCP to the Caribbean country between the 28th and 30th of the current month, in response to an invitation from the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Raúl Castro Ruz.

Cuba vs Blockade Report 2017

Resolution 71/5 of the United Nations General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”, June 2017

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