Cuba in USA

Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE) condemns the new regulations of the United States aimed at causing more hardship to the Cuban families

In response to Trump Administration's announcements of additional sanctions on Cuba, the organization Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE), an emigration group in the US, condemned the new aggressive measures of United States against Cuba, announced yesterday in Miami by National Security Advisor, John Bolton.
"Cuban Americans for Engagement condemns the implementation of these regulations aimed at causing more hardship to the Cuban family," said the organization in a note.

Kansas’ agricultural community supports better relations with Cuba

From left to right: Taylor Williamson (Kansas Wheat), Sen. Dan Kerschen, Rep. Ron Highland with his wife, Dariel Quintana Fraga, and Kerry Wefald (Department of Agriculture)

The Third Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba in Washington D.C., Dariel Quintana Fraga visited the State of Kansas, from April 3rd to 5th, 2019. The main purpose of his journey was to discuss ways of improving relations between Cuba and Kansas.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba strongly rejects the disrespectful statement issued by the US State Department, attributed to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, which intends to question the constitutional referendum that was freely and sovereignly held by all Cubans on February 24 last.