Cuba in USA

Chicago City Council calls for ending U.S. blockade against Cuba

The Chicago City Council passed a resolution today calling on the federal government to end the decades-long U.S. blockade of Cuba. The vote was unanimous.

The vote in the City Council follows a two-year grassroots campaign spearheaded by a group of over 200 Chicagoans from across all neighborhoods who have developed ties to Cuba through work in culture, academia and ecumenical relations, and through family ties and other shared interests.

Caravan "Bridges of Love" in the United States raises its voice against the blockade.

Washington D.C.; January 31, 2021 - About five hundred Cubans living in the United States and sympathizers with the island carried out this Sunday, January 31, a caravan in several cities of the northern nation.

Under the premise of building "Bridges of Love between Cuba and the United States", the caravan of bicycles and cars was held for the first time in four major cities: Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Statements to the press by the director general of the United States of MINREX, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, on the decision of the United States government to include Cuba on the list of states sponsors of terrorism.

As explained yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in firm and absolute terms the qualification of Cuba as a country sponsor of terrorism by the United States government and the inclusion of our country in a list of the State Department.The reasons are various. In the first place, Cuba is not a sponsor of terrorism. That is known to the President of the United States. That is known to the Secretary of State, who deliberately lied yesterday when making the qualification.