Cuba in United Kingdom

Meeting on Cuba and Venezuela in the context of TUC Black Workers

UNITED KINGDOM,  7th April, 2017. - As in previous years, the fringe meeting on Cuba and Venezuela was held today in the context of the Trades Union Congress for black people and minorities of British workers.

During the event, supported by Cuba and Venezuela solidarity campaigns, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Ambassador of Cuba in London spoke to the audience about an update on Cuba and its workers.

The Ambassador of Cuba Teresita Vicente Sotolongo and the Minister-Counsellor Antonio Rodriguez Valcarcel visit the Oxford Brookes University

UNITED KINGDOM, 8 March 2017.- Invited by the Oxford Brookes University Documentary Club, the Ambassador Teresita Vicente Sotolongo attended the presentation of the documentary Unfinished Spaces on the history of foundation and creation of the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA, by its Spanish initials), the University of Arts of Cuba, an idea of Fidel Castro in the first years after the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, that changed the concept and the way of teaching arts in Cuba and had an impact beyond its frontiers.

Invitation to the Ambassador of Cuba to union conference

UNITED KINGDOM, 8 March 2017.- In response to an invitation of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) the Ambassador Teresita Vicente spoke at the annual General Conference of the CWU London branch.

Kate Hankey, the Chair of this branch, reminded the audience of the affiliation of this union with Cuba Solidarity Campaign for several years.

Seminar on Cuba in Canning House

United Kingdom, 6 March 2017. - A Seminar entitled Getting into and understanding Cuba today was carried out and organized by the Centre for Research on Cuba of the University of Nottingham.

The opening of the event was led by the Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, and scholars Antoni Kapcia and Nigel White from the University of Nottingham and Emily Morris from University College London were in charge of the presentations.