Cuba in United Kingdom

60th Anniversary of Girón Victory marked in London

London, April 22nd, 2021. – Organized by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom, a touching online event was held today afternoon in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Girón Victory, with the participation of retired colonel of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Víctor Dreke, political analyst and writer Tariq Ali and Cuban Ambassador Bárbara Elena Montalvo.

Cubanos en UK denounces the effects of the US blockade against Cuba affecting humanitarian aid.

In an interview with Sputnik, Daniesky Acosta denounced the extraterritorial effect of the US blockade against Cuba, which was once again demonstrated in the difficulties experienced in the most recent campaign organized by the Association "Cubanos en UK" to raise funds.  Two digital microfinance platforms, Crowdfunding and JustGiving, closed the pages where donations were being collected for the purchase of syringes to support the vaccination program against COVID-19 in Cuba. According to the association's coordinator, the closure took place without warning or explanation.

60th Anniversary Seal of ICAP is awarded to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the UK

London, 20 March 2021 - The Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom received today, virtually, ICAP's 60th Anniversary Commemorative Seal, during an emotional national meeting held this Saturday morning. 

The President of ICAP, Fernando González Llort, sent a recorded message to the meeting, which was also attended by the Ambassador of Cuba to the United Kingdom, Bárbara Elena Montalvo Álvarez.  Both acknowledged the impressive work carried out by the Campaign over the years.