Cuba in United Kingdom

Homage is paid to Commander Fidel Castro Ruz in a great event organized by the Solidarity with Cuba Campaign

The Latin American Conference 2017 was held this Saturday at the London Congress Center, under the theme "Standing up to Trump: Latin America fights back". Organized by the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba and UK unions, the blockade against Cuba was condemned, as well as President Donald Trump's policy towards Latin America, while a tribute was paid to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

End of fruitful visit of Cuban Members of Parliament to the United Kingdom, invited by the British Group Inter-Parliamentary Union

On Saturday, 2 December, the intense and fruitful visit of the Cuban Members of Parliament Santiago Lajes Choi, María Caridad Rubio Hernández, Pablo Odén Marichal Rodríguez, Roberto Rafael Núñez Moreira, Gretchen Gómez González, Rolando Miguel González Patricio and the Secretary of the Inter-parliamentary Union Jesús Rafael Mora González, official of the People’s Power National Assembly concluded.

The Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom delivered a lecture at the Labour’s Party Annual Conference of in Brighton

The Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, gave a lecture on the occasion of the Labour’s Party Annual Conference of in Brighton. Denouncing the blockade, the permanent demand of devolution of the territory illegally occupied by the United States, Guantanamo Naval Base and the aggressive policy of the new host at the White House, Donald Trump, were among the topics reported by the Ambassador and panel members.