Cuba in the United Arab Emirates

In support of peace in Colombia: commitment, consistency and responsibility

We reiterate our concerns over non-compliance and unilateral attempts to modify the Peace Agreements signed with FARC-EP, as well as the increasing number of murders and massacres of ex guerrilla members, social leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia. Cuba has been patient and prudent.  We expect that, at some point, the will for peace; the legitimate interests and free determination of the Colombian people as well as good sense and reason shall prevail.

Statement of the General Director for U.S. Affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernández de Cossío, on the decision of the United States government to include Cuba on the list of states sponsors of terrorism.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in firm and absolute terms the qualification of Cuba as a country sponsor of terrorism by the government of the United States and the inclusion of our country in a list of the State Department. We insist that it is a calumny, an insult against Cuba and that the Secretary of State deliberately lies when describing Cuba as a country sponsor of terrorism.

Cuba adopts new measures to contain the increase in COVID-19 cases

From January 10, 2021, it will be mandatory for all travelers arriving in Cuba from abroad the presentation of the results of a PCR-RT test for SARS Cov-2 from a certified laboratory in the country of origin. The test must be carried out in a period of 72 hours before arrival in Cuba, without prejudice to the sanitary and hygienic measures implemented in the Cuban borders.