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Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba: Cuba rejects the pretexts of Bolivian putschist authorities to suspend diplomatic relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia announced the decision of the putschist Government to suspend diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba, claming that the Cuban Government has systematically affected bilateral relations and has been hostile towards the Bolivian authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba strongly rejects the unfounded allegations of Bolivia’s de facto government.

Dividing the Caribbean, a new U.S. strategy

Havana, January 23, 2020. "Divide and conquer" was a phrase used by both the Roman emperor Julius Caesar and France’s Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite differences with the military tactics used by these historical figures, this approach seems to be the United States’ political strategy toward Latin America and the Caribbean, in another desperate attempt to divide peoples south of the Rio Bravo and regain ground in an area that Washington continues to consider as its “backyard."