Cuba in UN

Cuban Doctors Confirm Their Willingness to Serve Humanity

Havana, June 2, 2019. The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade specializing in disasters and serious epidemics is maintaining on Monday its willingness to provide assistance to the countries that need it.

Upon arriving in Cuba in the past hours, a group of 40 experts expressed their satisfaction for taking care of the life of the people of Mozambique, an African nation that suffered the effects of a powerful hurricane in March.

ALBA, as inspiring as it is necessary

Havana, June 1st, 2019.FIDEL, as a disciple of José Martí, 22 days after the revolutionary triumph of 1959, and on his first visit to Caracas, presented his integrationist thought, valid today and for all time:

“I want the concept of homeland to have a greater scope, that on referring to our country we are referring to the great America that our small homelands make up.”

It was very clear that the visionary Fidel was thinking and planning to build that great homeland, a dream frustrated over a hundred years of colonialism and an annexed Republic.