Cuba in UN

Cuba denounces the policy of aggression that has caused suffering to the Cuban people.

New York, October 29, 2018.In her statement on the United Nations agenda item 77, dedicated to the Report of the International Criminal Court, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the organization, Ambassador Ana Silvia Rodríguez Camejo, expressed the strong commitment of the island to the fight against impunity for crimes  affecting the international community and how global events that have taken place in recent years cle

The world rises up against the blockade.

New York, October 26, 2018. The international community has come out strongly against the blockade imposed by the U.S. government on Cuba since 1962. The most striking example occurred on 1 November 2017, when the United Nations General Assembly approved for the twenty-sixth consecutive time the resolution entitled "Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba," with 191 votes in favor and only 2 votes against, the votes of the United States and Israel.

Cuba reiterates its pacifist vocation and full adherence to international law.

New York, October 25, 2018.In her statement on Agenda Item 76 of the UN, Report of the International Court of Justice, the Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the world organization, Ana Silvia Rodríguez Abascal, reiterated the pacifist vocation of the island and its full adherence to international law, as well as its commitment to faithfully comply with international obligations arising from the treaties to which

Cuba denounces Israeli occupation as the main obstacle to the development of the Palestinian people.

New York, 24 October 2018.In the debate on Item: Permanent Sovereignty of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources, of the United Nations Second Committee, Rosalia Cúe Delgado, Second Secretary at Permanent Mission of Cuba to the UN, highlighted how Israel deprives the Palestinian people of their right to develop