Cuba in UN

Cuban foreign trade has million-dollar losses due to the U.S. Blockade.

New York, October 9TH, 2018. The US blockade against Cuba constitutes the major obstacle for the development of all the potential of the Cuban economy, including its foreign trade.

The greatest damages in this sector include foregone income from the export of goods and services, which amount to $2,475,900,000; and the need to geographically relocate Cuban trade. For this reason, the national economy has lost $867,500,000. 

The US blockade against Cuba is a violation of the rule of law.

 New York, October 8, 2018.In her statement on Item  86: "The Rule of Law at the national and international level," from the agenda of the Sixth Committee of the United Nations, the Director of International Law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anet Pino Rivero, condemned and demanded the immediate repeal of all the extraterritorial regulations sustaining the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States

The US blockade is the main obstacle to Cuba's development.

New York, October 5th, 2018. According to the United Nations, human development fosters prosperity and economic opportunities, improves social well-being and enhances environmental protection. Consequently, the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States (USA) has broadly qualified as the main obstacle to Cuba's development for nearly 60 years. The following examples show how the criminal and genocidal U.S. policy affects the development of the island and, therefore, the Cuban people.

Cuba highlights the achievements of Cuban women in the socialist system.

New York, October 5, 2018. In her statement at the debate on Item 29: Advancement of Women, in the Third Committee of the United Nations, the Permanent Representative of Cuba to the international organization, Ambassador Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, urged to work to achieve a fair and equitable international order, which eradicates poverty and hunger, to put an end to wars, to privilege the human being over capital and to preserve the environment, emphasizing that in this way, progress will be made towards full gender equality and the empowerment of women.