Cuba in UN

Press Release: Cuba will continue to support the just claims of indigenous peoples for the free exercise of their rights.

New York, 17 October 2016. “Although positive progress has been made in the establishment of human rights standards for indigenous peoples, who represent more than 5 percent of the world population, they continue to face serious violations of their rights every day. Violence, marginalization, dispossession of land, expulsion or forced relocation, denial of land rights among others constitute the unfortunate reality of indigenous communities in many areas of the world.”, highlighted at the Third Committee the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Mrs.

Press Release: Cuba reaffirms that the total elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way to ensure that humanity will never suffer again its terrible impact.

New York,  17 October 2016. At the First Committee Thematic Debate on Nuclear Weapons, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Ambassador Rodolfo Benítez Versón, reiterated that the existence of over 15,000 nuclear weapons, 4,000 of them ready to be deployed, cannot be justified and is unacceptable and urged to eliminate, once and for all, the role of nuclear weapons in military doctrines and security policies.

Press Release: Cuba on Agenda item “Improving the financial situation of the United Nations”.

New York, 13 October 2016. At the Main Session of the Fifth Committee, Cuba acknowledged today the efforts made by many Member States to fully comply with their payment obligations, particularly developing countries, mostly affected by the current global economic and financial situation and, hence, stated that consideration must be offered to the special situations experienced by some developing countries, which prevent them from fulfilling their financial commitments, regardless of their political will.